In 2020 the Florida Lottery partnered with PPK for a big launch - a family of Scratch-Off games leveraging Hasbro’s MONOPOLY brand. The COVID-19 pandemic has re-shaped offline and online consumer behavior; digital media consumption has more than doubled*, as users yearned for entertainment. We saw it as an opportunity to leverage the beloved, nostalgic brand of the world’s most-played board game and create an integrated digital experience that would provide multiple gamified touch points and offer play value and entertainment to our fans. Our strategy was to develop an umbrella of rich and innovative digital activations to create meaningful connections with our customers in a cluttered media environment.



First, we built the MONOPOLY Giveaways Galore digital game that would become the bedrock of our campaign, giving users an incentive to come back to the website every day of the activation and enter to win exciting prizes.

We also created a MONOPOLY-themed augmented reality (AR) experience, which our fans could access through Instagram or Facebook. Our AR Filter allowed our fans to engage with the brand in a personalized manner by giving them a chance to step into the shoes of Mr. MONOPOLY himself.

To round it all out, we developed the MONOPOLY Bonus Roll Activation, housed within the Facebook Messenger platform, utilizing artificial intelligence. This frictionless chatbot activation, available at our fans’ fingertips, allowed our audience to engage with the brand on their own accord, educating them about the new games, answering common questions and offering a daily dice game that awarded entries into a cash giveaway.

Giveaways Galore Microsite

Over 8.4MM Impressions | $0.60 Cost Per Landing Page Visit (CPLPV), which was 52% below goal | Over 38k Playables via the playable unit

AR Filter

Reached over 3.5MM People | Over 15.9MM Impressions | Over 12K AR filter opens

AR Filter

Bonus Roll Chatbot Game

2.9MM impressions | Over 15k conversations started | Over 75K Bonus Promotion entries from the chatbot alone

Bonus Roll Chatbot Game





Each of the digital activations had a set of unique social promo assets, including playable units, that led our customers on a journey of immersive and personalized experiences. Specific conversion-focused promo assets generated over 8MM impressions alone, driving over 318,000 Bonus Promotion entries with a 4% conversion rate. Overall, this social campaign exceeded all performance goals, with over 60,000,000 total impressions. As a result, the Florida Lottery's MONOPOLY Bonus Spectacular family of tickets reached over $168,000,000 in gross sales over the 8-week campaign period, surpassing the estimated 8-week sales projection by 42%.


Total Impressions
225% above goal


Brand Recall Rate
18% above goal


Cost Per Landing Page View
52% below goal


Total Microsite Entries